Calverhall Family Day

Calverhall Family Day started over 50 years ago a garden fete to raise funds for both Ightfield and Calverhall Churches. The fete was, and still is, organised bt a sub committee of the Parochial Church Council.

The day has gradually increased in size over the years and now attracts in the region of 3,000 people. Some of the money raised now goes towards a Community Fund which was set up to fund educational bursaries and community projects. The churches in Ightfield and Calverhall use the funds raised for the day to day running and ongoing upkeep.

We would like to thank everyone, both past and present for all their time and effort in making Ightfield and Calverhall Family Day the huge success that it is. Lastly we are always looking for new people to help whether on the committee or helping on the day. So, if your interested, please see or contact page and get in touch.

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